BNI Networking: An Honest Review

I have been a BNI member for about 9 months at the Kinaole Chapter in Kaneohe, Hawaii. This article was written for people thinking about joining BNI who want to read an honest review before committing themselves to the BNI networking organization. Enjoy.   What is BNI? Three words: Disciplined. Non-Competing. Networking. BNI is an… Read more

How Do I Find A Web Designer?

Looking for a web designer? Maybe you just started a new business and you need a website as an online brochure for your business. Maybe you’ve been in business for several years, your prospects keep asking if you have a website, and you’re worried that you’re losing business because you don’t have a website where… Read more

Website Symmetry is Beautiful

Natalie Portman is beautiful. Even with her ridiculous makeup in Star Wars: The Phantom Menace, you could still see her beautiful genetics. What makes Natalie Portman beautiful though? There are many traits of beautiful people, but one important trait is symmetry. Scientific studies have shown that symmetric faces are perceived as more attractive than asymmetric faces (link). Furthermore,… Read more

5 Ways to Identify Shady Web Design Companies

shad·y adjective DEFINTION: of questionable merit. SYNONYMS: dishonest, underhanded, unscupulous, questionable, deceitful Looking for a web designer is a true challenge because the web design industry is like the wild, wild west: there are no certifications, tests, or diplomas required in order for people to make a website in exchange for money. Although there are… Read more

Deposits and What Beyonce Can Teach Us About Doing Business

If you’re self-employed or an independent contractor, you’ve probably had a lot of thoughts regarding deposits: “Should I or should I not ask for deposits?” “Is it rude to ask for a deposit?” “Why do contractors ask for deposits?” To answer these questions about deposits, I turn to Beyonce’s 2008 hit song, “Single Ladies” (see… Read more

Where Can I Print Business Cards Online?

Need business cards for your new company? Not sure where to start? Only have a small budget for your print materials? You should think about using online printing services. These services can make brochures, menus, postcards, and most importantly, business cards.   Why Print Business Cards Online? There are several reasons why you might want… Read more

How to Make Powerful Pictures

Want to know a huge secret about designing websites?  If you have awesome pictures but a shoddy design, viewers will overlook flaws in the structure and design of your website. If you have awful pictures but a superb design however… then you just have an awful website. The secret is this: pictures are important.  … Read more

What to Do When Clients Don’t Pay

8 months. That’s how long it took me to collect $810 from a client once. I sent emails. I called them. They called me. I offered to meet them at their house. I sent multiple text messages and Paypal requests. Finally, after 8 months, I got a Paypal transfer from the client. The funniest thing… Read more

Destructive Criticism Can Be Good for You

A friend of mine told me that my blog did not have enough personal input from me. To remedy that, I’d like to share something that really affected me personally when I first started in 2012. Several months into my new career, I got some destructive criticism via email: email: JohnAsmith@hotmail.cmo message: Seriously your website is… Read more

Save Website Space With “Condo-Style” Design

Did you know that the district of Gangnam in South Korea has approximately 6.6 people per square foot of space? “How is that even possible,” you might ask. Well, the reason is simple: despite the small size of Gangnam (it’s a third of the size of San Francisco), the district is able to fit boat-loads… Read more